Soggy turtle sandwiches

So one day, God created marriage. And it was a sandwich. It was a wonderful sandwich and God made it how He wanted to because He’s wise and He’s God and all that. So man comes along and wants God’s sandwich to be a turtle. Man really, really wants a turtle. So man looks at God’s sandwich and fights back and forth over whether it’s a sandwich or turtle. Man even goes so far as legislating that God’s sandwich is a turtle. Well clearly it’s still a sandwich, right? Well, no. Man said it’s a turtle now.  So God sees man take His sandwich and put it in a pond. And I believe God’s heart breaks. Not because His sandwich is soggy, but because God gave His sandwich to us and we decided it wasn’t good enough. And man WILL decide that they don’t want God’s soggy turtle sandwich anymore.  And man WILL move on to take another of God’s gifts and turn it into something they want and that He didn’t intend. History repeats itself.

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