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Do you have the humility that it takes to ask people for everything that you have? Not ask but beg. To stand on a street corner with all that you have and ask every person that comes by for anything?
You know that you’re second. You know that you don’t belong.
Everyone looks at you. Everyone turns away. Everyone locks the doors and rolls up the window. No one trusts you. Everyone thinks that you have enough. Everyone judges you based on your past that got you to where you are. You’re living under an invisible weight that you cannot get out from under.

People can bring you shoes. People can bring you clothes. Take you to buy some food. They can even give you the change out of their cup holder.
But you’re still stuck. You’re still who you are. The only possible way to be a man again is by adoption. There’s no way you’ll ever have a car. There’s no way you’ll ever be able to get a job at your age. There’s no way to maintain any self-respect and dignity when every day you’re literally kicked to the curb. Your bed is the street. The only ones you talk to are the ones you beg for money. But they don’t want to talk.
You’re like a child in an orphanage. Your orphanage is the street.
You don’t have the ability to make it on your own. Someone has to take you… and clothe you… and provide for you… and meet your needs.
Jesus commanded us to take care of the poor. But is one meal for one man enough? We were adopted as sons of God. Why do we not adopt those who are broken like we were? Can we bring a man into our home… and feed him… and clothe him? Why not?

Does this man truly need all of these things? Does he really made a new pair of clothes? Does he really need a meal every day? Does he really need communication with another human being? While we cannot provide all of these things for all of the homeless, we can fulfill their only true need with Christ. Christ pursued us, we should pursue them.

I was minding my own business downtown when a man approach me asking for change. He told me he just needed a little more money because the place down the street had a couple burgers for a couple of dollars. I asked him his name and I extended my hand as I told him mine. His name was Fabian. I knew there was a Chick-fil-a down the block, so I asked him if that would be alright. He said it would, but asked for the change to get those two burgers. I wanted to do everything that I could to restore this man’s humanity. I wanted to sit down at a table with this man and have a conversation. I figured everyone would stare, but it wasn’t about me… I wanted this man to feel like a man.
We entered the building complex and all eyes were on us. The security guard approached and followed us without saying anything. I tried asking about his kids… asking him where he was from… he would answer, but didn’t seem to want to converse. Chick-fil-a had closed early in the afternoon. There was a Subway in the same complex, so we headed that way with security right behind us. I approached the store just as they were closing. She said that she could make one last sandwich. As soon as I turned around, Fabian wasn’t there. She asked me what I wanted… and I thought about what Fabian would want on his sandwich. I didn’t want to get anything he didn’t like. Then I remembered… This man does not have a guaranteed meal. He doesn’t get to pick and choose his bread, his cheese, or his condiments. I got him some food and figured he must have gone outside because security was following him. I quickly went out to find him and after walking around the block several times… I couldn’t. I finally made my way to my car. What was God’s purpose in me leading a homeless man to buy food, only to lose the homeless man? I began to try to navigate one way streets yet stay within the same area. I didn’t know where he was and I prayed that God would please let me find Fabian to give him this food. I began to think that maybe the food was not as important as the pursuit of him to give him the food. Sure enough as I turned down a one way street there was Fabian. I immediately pulled the car over and he saw me through the window. He came walking towards me and I got out. He really didn’t have much desire to have a conversation. I gave him the food and he could barely hold it with his fist full of pennies and dimes. I got him a bag and put the food in it and had to talk to him. I didn’t want him to get away without mentioning Jesus. I asked him what he needed as I looked him up and down for the very first time. His shoes had no laces and were falling apart. I insisted that he take mine. He didn’t want to but said he could take 20 dollars to go buy them wholesale. I again asked him what he needed. I just wanted to meet a need. He said he did need some shoes. I told him about Jesus and how he told us to provide for those in need. He needed shoes, so I wanted him to have mine. I asked him where I could find him again and he pointed in the direction of a bench. He said he sits there during the day until it’s time to go sleep on the ground. I told him I would come find him again. I left wanting to adopt this man. Wanting to give him a bath… give him clothes… give him life. All I did was provide a meal and mention the name of Jesus. Does man need more than food… more than clothes… more than a house? This man’s life on earth will end and he needs the saving power of Jesus Christ. He needs the adoption of Jesus Christ… where every need will be met.

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