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People are all around us. Really. They are. Look around you if you don’t believe me. Does that mean anything to you? Do you even care about these people? Jesus didn’t walk around in a bubble. He invested in people… but more than that, He took the time to notice people around Him and talk to them. Do you do that? Do you ever talk to people? Do you ever care about other people’s lives, even a random strangers’?

I meet Wednesday mornings at 5:30 at Waffle House to just ‘do life’ with my best friends. We made a pact of sorts to ask whoever is serving us if there’s anything we can pray about for them. That way, someone has to ask or we end up with an awkward mess among ourselves. It was almost an experiment at first… nervously asking and not knowing what we’d get in return.

You don’t know what someone is going through until you ask. This morning, we asked our waitress if she had anything we could pray about for her. She quickly said “No,” then proceeded to tell us about how her friend had died two days ago and she’s been such a wreck that she can’t even cook without burning the food. Oh… and her grandfather has a brain tumor. Another server didn’t have the money to pay a ticket and was going to end up in jail if she couldn’t pay it in the next 48 hours. A cook who told us he didn’t believe in prayer. Another server who is going through a rough divorce from an abusive husband. The list goes on and on. All from the simple question, “Do you have anything we can pray about?”

You’re one of them.
How many strangers have taken an interest in your eternity? Count them. Go ahead.
Assuming you’re in the majority and have one or two fingers up, this leads me to two questions…

  1. How would you know about Christ’s sacrifice if no one told you or if you didn’t go to church? You wouldn’t.
  2. Do you believe people are ok without Jesus? The easy answer is “No.” But seriously…… do you?


(My scathing rebukes are merely my own convictions in my heart.)


I look where I’m going, I look where I’ve been.
It’s hard not to miss it, I see it again.
Everywhere in the past, everywhere straight ahead,
The path is so flat, the journey of a life left for dead.

There has been no ups, there has been no downs.
On a path so flat, I scream for a crown.

The mountain is clear, the gate I should take,
The journey to glory, the path I can’t fake.
The trip will be rough, a leap of faith,
but I can’t stay here for your and my sake.

I can’t move alone. But how? But why?
What if? Then what? Too fearful to try.
Please help, please carry me.
Please pull, please push me.

The strength that I need, the strength I can’t find,
It’s in me, I know it, it burns me alive.
Lord, where are you? Where have you been?
I can’t seem to find You, not even within.

All this time I keep running, down my path so flat,
All this time you keep chasing, like a mouse by a cat.

You’re screaming my name,
I’m too deaf to hear,
I stop and I see You,
And tremble in fear.

Lord… what am I doing,
Please show me the way,
To the gate so narrow,
Lord, don’t wait.

“You have to let go,
You have to let me,
You’re fighting your cuffs,
Yet you’ve got the key.

Drop this world, its loves and its likes,
Let’s get this straight, let’s make this right.

You don’t belong here,
Your time is short.
You’ve got no time,
It’s time to report.

Love me and love others, your duty is clear,
Love me and love me, and know that I’m here.”

I see all before me, and see what was behind,
I lay it all down, and start my climb.
That path was so low, what a fool I have been,
I drop all my chains, let the journey begin.

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