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Today, Chapple, Katie, Myra, and I took a drive down to Dry Falls in Highlands, NC. It was the perfect end to a relaxing day in the mountains. As we began walking down the pathway toward the waterfall, we heard the faint sound of rushing water. Full of excitement, Myra and Katie raced to the guardrail to capture the moment on camera, but Chapple encouraged us, “Keep walking, guys. The best spot is at the bottom!” Every few feet, we had the urge to stop and take in the beauty of God’s creation but Chapple drew us on further stating, “I promise it gets better y’all. Just keep on coming. You have to make it to the bottom.” When we finally reached the end, I understood why Chapple wanted us to wait. The powerful rush of water cascading down the rocks was most magnificent and appreciated at the bottom. Only here could the falls be viewed in its entirety. And only here could the magnitude of the falls be experienced. The LORD has created hope and a future for us (Jeremiah 29:11), but in life we so often rush to the guardrail in desperation or excitement that we miss God’s BEST for us. Where we have been may be good, and where we are now may be better, but where God wants to take us is the BEST. He desires the absolute best for us: an abundant life. We just have to be patient and abide in Him to experience everything He intended for us. Once we get to the end, we will understand why God chose to close those doors and why He allowed us to go through trials or failures. Surrender your life completely to the LORD and allow the river to sweep you away…you never know when He will bring you to the next waterfall.

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