I apologize to my subscribers for the recent e-mail regarding a new post. Instead of saving the draft, I accidentally published it!

I am facing a frustration like no other. Whenever I have a thought that I want to pursue and write about, if I don’t write about it at that exact moment, I basically lose the passion behind the thought and I can’t pick it up later to complete it. I currently have ten drafts sitting in my WordPress of half complete thoughts.

My last mis-post was made as I was sitting in the pharmacy trying to get my thoughts down. I didn’t finish, and accidentally published it instead of saving it. GRRR.

Music is most often what allows me to pursue thoughts into a deep place that I love to be. But if I don’t finish writing on a thought at the moment I have it, it’s almost like that door closes and I can’t get it open. Actually, it’s even worse than that. I would say it’s basically like the movie Monsters, Inc. If I don’t stay behind that door long enough to finish my thought, it’s picked up and never to be found again.

Monsters Inc. door

Goodbye, thoughts.

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